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Renovate or Relocate

You have been in your current home for a while and its starting to feel dated, there have been some lifestyle changes that has caused what was once your dream home to not be so functional for you. The neighborhood is great, close to Shopping, work and your Kids school. The kitchen needs updated, you really need a fourth bedroom, a soaking tub in the master bathroom, home office space and a pool would make this the perfect home again. But it is currently a sellers-market, so do you sell and start from scratch. Okay you could build something new or purchase an existing home or a new home in one of those new gated communities that are popping up everywhere, I have heard the fees in those places are through the roof, and the houses are so close together.

Have you ever found yourself in this position? Well, there are other options, such as renovating and remodeling, what is the difference you ask?

According to the dictionary:

Renovate: Restore to a good state of repair.

Restore to life, vigor, or activity: REVIVE

Remodel : The process of changing the functionality or design of and area.

To alter the structure: REMAKE

What Renovation Really Means

When you apply this definition to home construction, “revive” could mean anything from repainting and refacing cabinets to installing new light fixtures to adding other finishes and fixtures. Regardless the original design is never dramatically altered, it is simply updated or tweaked to meet a new or revised standard. A custom renovation not only makes a room more attractive it also adds a welcoming sense of personalization giving it a comfortable and homely ambiance. Smaller less expensive renovations like changing a room’s color before putting your house on the market will increase the chance of a successful sell with a very nice return on investment.

What About Remodeling

Remodeling a room is more of a complete “remake”. So, whenever you take on a project that completely transforms the layout, structure and style of a room you are remodeling it not merely updating or tweaking it. If you want to do something like reconfiguring a household floor plan, adding a room or you decide to combine your kitchen with the living room to create a more contemporary and open concept or maybe you’d just like to install a kitchen island to create a more functional cooking space, these would all be considered remodeling projects.

Costs Comparison of Remodeling vs Renovating

A remodel project will almost always cost more than a renovation. That’s because remodeling typically involves much more complex design considerations as well as numerous construction, electric and plumbing expenses. City and County permitting requirements are another reason it is important for you to consult an experienced general contractor before getting too involved with your project. Ultimately the only limitations on remodeling and renovating your home are your wants, needs and budget.

Popular Remodel and Renovation projects

· Kitchen remodel or minor renovation

· Bathroom remodel or minor renovation

· Flooring

· Lighting update

· Door replacement

· Painting

· Crown molding

· Storage addition

Renovate or Relocate whats next

The next step is deciding how much you love your home, how important are your wants vs your needs and what is your budget. Come up with a plan, identify the areas in your home that need updating, repaired and the ones you want redesigned and changed. If you can’t take on the whole project all at once, start with the most necessary items, and then put the least urgent ones on a phase 2 list. If you’re curious to learn all about what project type will best suit your needs, as well as how to best allocate your budget or if you just have questions about remodeling or renovating your home, feel free to contact us. The professional team at Black Sand Construction is always happy to help.

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